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Journal: Malaysian E Commerce Journal (MECJ)
Author: Gargi Banerjee

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited

Doi: 10.26480/mecj.03.2019.18.21

Women population comprises of half of the population of a country. Therefore, a country’s progress and growth depend on the contribution of its women population as well. Individuals who create business and employment are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is actually the ability to develop and sustain a business associated with risk and ultimately make profit. Every entrepreneur aims to make profit for his own concern. Entrepreneurship is also associated with conversion of new innovation and technology into business which ultimately generates employment and profit in the economy and thus the entrepreneurs contributes towards the growth of an economy. According to Schumpeter innovation in business is the primary reason for increased investment and business ups-and-downs in an economy. Recently, women entrepreneurship in India is also making a mark in the society. Many Indian women are empowered to do business on their own. Women in the present scenario in Indian society has started taking initiative to make a start up with their career as entrepreneurs with small business. Women are also successful in their field of business. The women in our society are progressive and capable of sustaining a business. Hence, we also focus on the women entrepreneur’s contribution to the society. In this paper we try to focus on the aspects of women empowerment and its impact on the society of India. Women in India are mostly home-makers, but few are progressive as they are properly educated and also knows how to execute their knowledge. Empowerment of women means when a woman is having economic liberty and financial decision-making authority. Nearly half of the population of a country are females and hence it is extremely necessary to make this population involved in economic activity of a country. But there is of course gender based discrimination in the society. Here we try to focus on the aspects of women empowerment through entrepreneurship in India as well as how women are financially included to be economically independent.
Pages 18-21
Year 2019
Issue 3
Volume 3